Predict the future
and get the reward
Suggest a forecast of future events. The one, whose scenario will be closest to reality, will get a reward.
Make a forecast
...the point is that even though the outcomes from different initial conditions differ in detail, their overall properties can still be very much the same.

S. Wolfram
Current contests
Predict what August 1, 2020 will look like.
Apply by June 15, 2020 and
win 50 000 ₽
Predict what December 1, 2020 will look like.
Apply by August 15, 2020 and
win 100 000 ₽
Predict what January 1, 2035 will look like.
Apply by February 15, 2021 and
win 1 000 000 ₽

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How to forecast
Project the future into the present,
not otherwise. Do not apply trends from the past.
Accept that the future is volatile, depending on the decisions of stakeholders and parties involved.
Analyze data: statistics, research publications, think tanks’ reports.
Critically evaluate statements of recognized opinion: from chief scientists to entrepreneurs.
Observe and note changes in the social environment.
Explore different tools and techniques of studying
the future, for example, the Rapid Foresight methodology.
Make your forecast of the future
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Make a forecast